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Compliance to applicable laws and regulations are the table stakes for entry and participation in regulated industry. Compliant companies can avoid added scrutiny from regulators and other government authorities as well as costly litigation  and other legal actions that plague companies operating outside the lines. Often non-compliance results in stagnant growth impacting the top and bottom line, stifles innovation due to resources being diverted to reducing risk or towards ongoing remediation and also has a negative effect on stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders and the public.

Whether it is a drug, biologic, medical device, food, dietary supplement or even the burgeoning cannabis industry knowing the 'rules of the road' and the requirements across the product life cycle are essential to avoid government action, reduce reputational risk, and allow companies to focus on growing their brand. 

Whether it is establishing a general corporate ethics and compliance program or support specific to regulatory and quality compliance activities, JENLO can help you. 

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