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Whether it is a real or perceived conflict of interest or the desire for an objective risk assessment for the organization, JENLO Compliance has extensive experience performing internal investigations to identify potential problems and verify the substance and reach of a particular complaint.

We have worked with federal and state authorities including U.S. DOJ, OIG, FDA, DEA, OFAC, and others as well as governmental officials outside the U.S. including in the EU, Brazil, Mexico and others to properly communicate the particular issues and manage the situation to ensure our clients are in the best position to move forward.

Subject matter of some of the investigations and assessments we have performed include:

  • Whistleblower/Hotline reports

  • Anti-Kickback and FCA matters

  • Privacy breaches

  • Sales Practices

  • Trade Compliance issues including evaluation of sanctions compliance programs (SCPs) and anti-boycott issues

  • FCPA and UK Bribery Act implications

  • Violation of quality system regulations and internal procedures

  • Evaluating organizational culture

Internal Investigations: List
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